Tested on MacOS Windows Linux
FL Studio
Max 6, 7, 8
Pro Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my DAW slower to charge the plugin or change HRTFs when running in 48kHz?
Because of internal resampling. Choices are: set your DAW's sampling rate to 44100Hz, or resample the plugin HRTFs to match the targeted sampling rate.

Why do I get a “failed to load file ... anaglyph_ild_model_*.sofa” pop-up window?
Your current DAW sampling frequency is not supported. Anaglyph relies on pre-computed tables for ILD generation, only bundled for 44.1kHz and 48kHz. Let us know if you really need a specific sampling frequency.

Known issues

Max 6 32bits OSX: crashes when the plugin GUI is closed with the top left cross button. Use Max “wclose” command instead.

Release notes

v0.9.2c: Fixed critical issue on binaural convolution in v0.9.2b. FL Studio support (and all other DAWs with ever varying input buffer size).

v0.9.2b: Using JUCE dsp::Convolution for main HRIR convolution, reduced plugin loading time (neighbor search tree initialization in MySofa library), fixed error introduced in v0.9.2 in externalization booster (Ambisonic order no taken into account).

v0.9.2: Now using JUCE dsp::Convolution object for room IR convolution (remove zipper noise on source position update with STUDIO enabled), fixed variable buffer length crash (DAW's buffer length is only an upper bound according to VST specification), changed default distance exponent from 2 to 1, inverted positions of low, mid, and high EQ knobs in GUI, fixed armed AP not updated from DAW interaction with 3D GUI.

v0.9.1: Disabled trial mechanism, universal 36/64bit build for macOS, updated logo (wise monkey).

v0.9.0: First release.